Sibiling's Thoughts

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 10:59 AM Posted by Savanah Jeanne
I recently asked my sister what she thought about the children's books that I was given over the summer. Here's what she had to say:

DoppleGanger: Book 2

My favorite part of DoppleGanger is the part where Saskia gets trapped in the sarcophagus, and Erik and Sadie try to find her. My least favorite part was when Miss Dorcas Potts came to take an interview with the kids. And the reason why is because it wasn't really mysterious. My favorite characters are the Dopple girls. I really liked the DoppleGanger because, it was really intereting and mysterious.

Peril in the Palace:

My favorite part of Peril in the Palace was where the big eagals took Patrick and Beth and flew over the Palace.My least favorite part was in the begging where they just kept talking about the Imagination Station.And the reason why is because it wasn't really fun.My favorite characters are Beth and Patrick.I liked Peril in the Palace because,it was really exiting.

The Red Knight:

My favorite part in Revenge of the Red Knight was where they found out that Hugh was really the Red Knight and was stealing everything. My least favorite part was where they met James.That was my least favorite part because,it wasn't very exiting. My favorite characters are Beth and Patrick. I like Revenge of the Red Knight because,its really cool how they meet another boy named James, and that they find out that Hugh is the Red Knight and whos stealing everything.

I got the idea to let her give a short review from Jane. I guess I figured the audience was meant for her age group, so now you know how it impressed her. My reviews coming up on the last two soon.

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