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Monday, March 28, 2011 12:35 PM Posted by Savanah Jeanne
This really has nothing to do with Cover Crazy Mondays, but I'm listing it as such because I love book art. Especially if the good is trash or makes no sense, I don't feel bad for ripping and tearing it up. This is called steampunk art. Meaning "steampunked" is the trend of art and it consists of a mechanical look. These are by Tim Baker from Los Angeles. Leave a comment and tell me what YOU think about this collection. Because it doesn't really reflect what the story with in is about I want you to tell me what you think each might be about simply by how it makes you feel or how you view it. Have fun with your ideas and creativity here. 

Book Set © Tim Baker

3 Response to "Cover Crazy"

  1. gabrielreads Says:

    These are really cool. I've never read A Series of Unfortunate Events but these look like they could be covers for those books.

  2. Nonners Says:

    O.o. He commented on my blog! I feel so honored. And yeah. I thought so too. Or something along those lines. I thought the first book looked like a sea adventure.

  3. Evie Says:

    Wow, this stuff looks pretty amazing! I love steampunk art :D
    I especially like the third one, it looks like some sort of mysterious book of magic..


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