The Silver Sword by Angela Elwell Hunt

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 1:37 PM Posted by Savanah Jeanne

Today I will review The Silver Sword by Angela Elwell Hunt. I found that after this book I would like to resume the series. This book was a little drawn out in the middle, but had an ending that made me want to peruse the story further.

They story was very well written. My heart jumped from disappointment to surprise to not so surprised to thankfulness of the outcome. Novels like these are encouraging during times of self doubt, especially when you know that you are fulfilling a calling. It's still a novel, but I sincerely believe you can learn a lesson from everything you read. There is always something to take away, whether it be what not to do or what to do or new ideas or old ideas forgotten (which is usually the case).

Plot: 5 stars
This story is based off of a historical event; a martyr of a great man. I really liked that it was developed fictionally around the facts. I know that takes a lot of effort. So Kudos to the author.

 Lesson5 Stars

Revenge is worth nothing if you know the truth, that God is just and good and does not tolerate sin. And that When you trust in God's truth, there is nothing to fear, not even death.

I also took away a different perspective on justice. If God poured all the wrath upon you that you deserved, you be much less than even a memory. God knows this, and again cannot tolerate sin because He is perfectly just. Which would be why He sent His son. I guess it's not that it's a different perspective, just a refreshed one. When I feel like someone was not justly treated (meaning punishment wise) I will think a bit more carefully.

Romance: 5 stars
 Because it was subtle but still obvious and ended in a very good way. Plus the whole book wasn't simply a romance between Man and Woman but all man kind and God. So it was generally clean in this area.

Action: 5 stars
 There wasn't anything in detail, which is great. There isn't really any reason to go into depth in a story like this.

Character: 4 stars
 I would have liked to know more about each character, I still had question pertaining to the past of each essential character. But this may be because I'm so use to reading classic books which generally go into great depth and detail as to the past of the main character (I mean GREAT detail).

Over all I would give the novel 4 stars.

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