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Monday, July 11, 2011 3:17 AM Posted by Savanah Jeanne
 Okay...So who here likes the Narnia movie series??  I personally enjoyed the entertainment, but I don't think they measure up to the books, but any good fan would think the same.  Maybe this cover crazy will convince you to become a fan??

When I was first given the series, I wanted nothing to do with them.  My step father gave them to me.  I only say that he's my step father because it's completely ironic that the man that doesn't even share my blood is the man that changed my life.  This isn't to say that just by handing me a handful of books, he changed my life.  But then again he did.  Because they are the first books I remember absolutely falling in love with.  The story, the tales, the honor and heroics, the love between family and the unimaginable adventure...way better than reading the 15 page, level 0, books that I use to read in third grade just to say I read something.  So really my love of books was highly encouraged by both my mother and father, but my father was the one to fuel the love.

So anyway, back to him giving me the books. I have the series that he had when he was a boy.  He was very young when he had to read them, they even have his horribly, scribbled name written in all of them.  So needless to say, they're pretty beat up and worn.  And they're not hard cover, awesome antique like books, they're paper back.  Very low budget kind of books.  Not the most appealing thing to a 10 year old.  So they sat there, in a box when we moved and in the dust when we settled, for 4 years.  I was 14 when I decided to read them.  And what's even more funny is that I was in trouble when I decided to read them.  I was sent to my room and told I wasn't allowed to do anything...seriously?  Yeah.  Well, of course I was mad and did something...but what was I to do?  So I picked up a book and read and it just so happened that the book was called The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  And that is my earliest memory of being a book lover.  And just to finish my tale, my parents found out that I was reading and just left me there.  So I read all day long.

Now that you know my story behind the books, you will understand my reasoning for not being able to provide an accurate front cover of all the copies I own because they are so old.  But I will take a picture when I can and post them.  If I do find an accurate cover, I will let you know in my post.  I will be using this series for the next 7 Cover Crazies and I will be posting them in the order I first read them (more on that later).

And so, without further adieu:

 This looks just like my version of the book, only mine is faded.  This cover was never really appealing to me when I was younger.  I suppose I never really gave it a chance.  After reading the story, I've found that this a a great piece of art work, one of the best even to ever explain the story within.  Some of the most obvious pieces of this cover are the wardrobe doors and the children.  There are four children which are to represent the four children who enter the wardrobe: Peter (the oldest), Susan (the oldest girl), Edmund (the youngest boy) and Lucy (the youngest of them all).  And then the wardrobe doors are (duh) the wardrobe doors, but a fist time reader wouldn't guess that.  However I do believe that a first time reader would know that the doors were special because they are colored gold.  You just don't see gold colored door everywhere.  These doors lead to a forest full of snow.  In the far back here is a gloomy looking castle and a full moon.  Full moon always mean something bad is coming.  At least that's the myth.  Awesome job there on the artists part.  
And then the stars all lined up nicely lead me to believe something was going to happen.  You know how you always here of lined stars as a sign that something was coming or going to happen?  And the children are walking right into it all. 

Let me know what you think about the Narnia books. If you haven't read them, let me know what you think about their covers. Or just feel free to leave a comment. I love all comments :]

14 Response to "Cover Crazy"

  1. Charity U Says:

    I LOVE the Narnia books. Even more than reading them, I've listened to the dramatized tapes by Focus on the Family...follow the books closely and are awesome. :) I love the movies too, though I wish they hadn't changed most of what they've changed. They're still some of my favorite movies.

    FYI, this is me...just not signed into my google account.

  2. Nonners Says:

    Awesome! The lady I use to babysit for regularly had the dramatized version from Focus on the Family. I want it so bad. I love listening to books when I knit or clean or sew or when I'm doing pretty much anything that deters me from reading :]

  3. Renee Ann Says:

    I love the Narnia books! In recent years I picked up the Focus on the Family Radio plays of the whole series and listened to them. I adored the voices, especially Reepicheep's. Some of the scenes brought tears to my eyes. The movies definitely didn't do the books just. But strangely enough, I liked the first one best--even tho' the production values of the battle scene weren't so hot. Loved the beavers and James McAvoy as Mr. Tumnus.

  4. Nonners Says:

    Oh I know! I like McAvoy as Tumnus too. He did a good job. I like him in Becoming Jane too. I really should just get my own audio set now. Btw, I was reading you little bio on your blog and I was so excited to hear you teach! That's so wonderful. Yet another thing we have in common. Although, you teach on a much bigger scale than I do. I just thought it was refreshing to know you were a teacher :]

  5. Shelley Says:

    I was very obsessed with Narnia when I was younger, probably starting in third grade, but I don't even remember how I started. I do know that I used to pronounce Narnia wrong until a classmate rudely corrected me, lol! My first set had a cover similar to the one above, but with a white background.

  6. Nonners Says:

    Mine have a pale background too. But there was no picture for this one had to do. :/ Awe...rude correction at the time will forever be remembered :[

  7. Donna Says:

    I love that you are posting on these. I actually just saw my second Narnia movie recently. I have the books and plan to read them. I am a new follower here and can't wait to read more, especially on this series. I would like to invite you over for a visit on my blog when you have a moment. I hope you'll follow there. Donna

  8. Nonners Says:

    Thanks so much for following me! I'm glad you liked the post! I'll make sure I check out your blog.

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