The Great Mogul Diamond by G.P. Taylor

Thursday, May 26, 2011 10:39 AM Posted by Savanah Jeanne

I just recently received the above book in the mail from the Tyndale House Publishers. These books by G.P. Taylor are easy and fun to read. The Doppleganger Chronicles are all graphic novels. 

My thoughts on The Great Mogul Diamond:

Plot: The plot was pretty simple, but considering that this book was intended for Young Adults and below it was really good. I like that every book is a mystery. I’ve found that there aren’t a whole lot of children’s books or YA books that are very good when it comes to mystery. I think G.P. Taylor really did a great job with this.

Characters: There are three main characters throughout the series: Saskia, Sadie and Erik. This trio acts as junior detectives to save their friend Muzz Eliot the famous writer who is being blackmailed so that she will have to steal a rare diamond.  You can see the characters develop as you read through the series, not necessarily in one book alone. Sometimes I find that frustrating but for some reason, which I can’t think of at the moment, it’s nice to see them grow as I read each book.  I also like that in each book a few new, long term characters are introduced. I saw a parallel to characters in the book and people in history. I won’t tell you who, but maybe you can figure it out on your own. 

Length: I read the book in less than one day. However, I got a lot from the book. The adventure was well plotted and simple, the characters were very interactive with each other, and I didn’t feel lost. I think that the length was perfect for a graphic novel. And I’m so excited about the next one. 

Lessons: This book had a lot of small, “bit size” (if you will) lessons in it. I think that I’ll let this one be something you figure out by yourself. Most of the time when I see a lot of different little lessons like this it’s just because that’s how I see it. But you might think of it in a completely different way. 

Overall: Overall I really liked the book. I hope my siblings will find an interest in them soon. I give this book 4 ½ stars. 

Last Words: There is one thing that I heard one mother say negatively about the book and it that the girls in the book, Saskia and Sadie have a bit of an attitude and are constantly in trouble. To this I would say, “Thank goodness they are portrayed as human beings rather than aliens.” Besides they always get in trouble when they do bad thing. And I know my siblings will see this and do one of two things. One, they will either disregard it without a thought…or two, they will start acting it out and then it will be addressed as to where it came from. As long as you talk to your children about the book I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be able to read it. 

If you’ve read this book, let me know what you think! And if you haven’t, let me know what you think about my review. I love comments!

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    it was a great book but when is the next one coming out

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