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Monday, March 21, 2011 3:00 PM Posted by Savanah Jeanne

This looked like so much fun when I read about it on a fellow blogger's blog last week that I actually wrote mine the same day and scheduled it for today :] This idea comes from The Book Worm originally. This weekly post will be made to show appreciation towards the creativity and beauty of a certain book cover.  Enjoy!

This week I'm crazy about:

The Charlatan's Boy 

What I like about this cover:

~ When I first saw this book, it was the cover that drew me in. I liked that the colors are bright but earthy. Gives you a feeling like this story could be something crazy or wild (which it was).
~ I really liked the carnival box in the middle of a swamp. It makes me think poor or money hungry.  I also thought fun, but unusual fun. Like something you might not have thought fun until now. 
~ The ribbons and banner on the top and bottom made my feel like I was being given a treat of some sort. As if I was privileged to read it. 

I've already done a review on this book. Here's the link to it: The Charlatan's Boy.

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  1. Evie Says:

    Glad you decided to join the fun! I really love your cover pick! The colors are so appetizing :)
    It definitely feels like you're getting a gift of some sort!

    Here is my CC - Bookish

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