Tahn by L.A. Kelly

Thursday, February 24, 2011 8:30 AM Posted by Savanah Jeanne

This  book was absolutely great. I loved reading it and it was quite the page turner. I will be reading the next book in the series, Return to Alastair, and writing a review on it as well. It is very unfortunate, I will not be able to interview this author, she has passed away in a car accident, so I've heard from a friend. Which is why I think it so important to review her book, so that others will read it as well and then also be able to see her through her works. Thank you Mr. Rogers for your advice, I do believe it is this way for all writers.

Plot: 5 Stars

The plot was so intricate. I really did think the main character was the bad guy depending upon the actions he was partaking in when we first read about him in this book. And then the whole plot turns your thinking in his favor anyway as the story progresses. The author did an amazing job with her insight into the future of her own story. She was very detailed, but not so much that I wanted to go to sleep with it all.

Characters: 5 Stars

Her characters were complicated, but like I said with the plot, not so much that I just wanted to put the book down. The were complicated in the sense that I wanted to very much understand them. I believe this trait makes good characters. Even good bad guys. As for the main character, Tahn, I really wish I could meet him...but not get too close. He has real issues. Not issues like, "She's gossiping about me! What should I say back?"...or "His arms are bigger than mine." So often people fall into this, even in their books. I was very excited to find out she didn't even come close. 

Lessons: 4 Stars

The lesson here can actually be quite a few things. Mrs. Kelly touched many different issues which all seemed to come together at the end of the book. (Well not quite all. This is a series after all.) One of my favorite and overlaying theme was that a family is important, no matter what form it takes. I love this. Especially in the sense of Tahn's "family". It's not the average family, but it is in fact a family. The rest I will leave you to read about. 

Action: 4 Stars

There was action in this story. Kind of hard to escape putting action in a story about a mercenary. However, the action and/or violence detailed only to a certain extent. Otherwise it was pretty clean here.

Romance: 4 Stars

The romance was appropriate for the most part. I know the whole being alone together thing sometimes can be helped when saving a damsel in distress. Therefore I give it 4 stars for being realistic and I also took away a star for always putting the damsel in a one-on-one setting with the main character a lot. It just seemed like too much here. But otherwise, the romance was not inappropriate. 

Length: 5 Stars

This book was a page turner. The length was perfect; never once did I feel like it was dragging out. 

Overall: 5 Stars

Just so everyone knows, this book will never be up for trade. Not unless you can offer up a hardcover edition (my favorite). 

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